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“Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: you have no one to blame.” ~Erica Jong

These 3 words are constantly discussed in the spiritual circles. In the last few years the word Karma also became very popular, you could even say trendy. Many people refer to it as some kind of punishing mechanism of the universe in situations when we take less than honorable actions. I believe that Karma is just another name for The Law of Attraction.

It is our state of being mirrored to us in our world. I believe it is just a feedback on how we are handling life that can put us back on the path of Passion, Kindness and Purpose.

In this very interesting video Bashar (world wide known Channeled personality) explains these concepts in a way that really resonates with me. I hope you will  enjoy it and if you have any thoughts on these ideas you would like to share with my blog visitors I would appreciate you leaving a comment below.

“Be kind to everything and everyone, including oneself, all the time, with no exceptions”.¬† Dr.D.Hawkins