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One of my favorite blogs is Carol Tuttle’s Blog. She has been working in the field of Energy Healing Therapy for over a decade and is a best-selling author, radio show host, speaker, and a successful business woman. She is also the creator and founder of Energy Profiling, which is really interesting and if you look into it, you could learn a lot about your self in this very unique way. Her teleseminars are really fun and very insightful as well.

What is Tapping also known as EFT ?

EFT (Emotional freedom technique) is well known technique in the Field of energy healing and there are many people out there using it with great results. I have used it my self and I am still in the process of turning it into a habit. I do believe, it’s the future of the medical field today. It allows for developing a strong energy body awareness, that many people have yet to discover. Most of all, it works.

Tapping is a simple but effective technique somewhere in between hypnosis, meditation, and acupressure. You can learn it in a matter of minutes and use it to apply instant relief to stressful situations in your life. is your portal to find out how others are using Tapping and share your experiences.

Tapping Routine for Abundance

This is a video that I really enjoyed. I hope you will too:

Money is energy, so are you and everything else in this universe. I hope this video helped you to understand this concept.

Do you practice Tapping regularly ? Share your results with us.

Do you have an experience with Tapping? I ll be very happy to hear from people that have used this technique and their results. You can comment down below.