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This Blog is a channel to share all my knowledge about The Law of Attraction, useful life coaching tools and any other related material about manifesting the life we want.

feeling stuck, manifesting tips

Stuck in a rut and feeling like it’s impossible to get what you want? Break the spell with these 3 simple ways to upgrade your manifesting power.

Feeling stuck? We all have been there. Maybe it’s the job you’ve had for years now that feels soooooo uninspiring, and even like some kind of a punishment from the gods (but you have no idea what you are being punished for, so you feel completely helpless) or worst  – not being able to find […]

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Preview of my new E-book – Embrace Your Inner Goddess available soon on my site. Have a peak.

It’s finally here. I am so excited to release my first E-book that will soon be available on my website for FREE (yes, you heard right! smile) for all the amazing women visiting my website every day.  I created this e-book  for  all the women visiting my blog that want to dig deeper into this this fun […]

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The Law Of Divine Compensation

The Power of the Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson

Marie Forleo interviews Marianne Williamson about her latest book – The Law Of Divine Compensation I have just watched one of the most powerful, beautiful and mind-opening interview I have listened to in a the last few years and I just had to blog about it. Two of my favourite inspirational women have set down to discuss work, money and […]

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Dr. Amen, Unleash the power of the female brain

Dr. Amen on how to unleash the power of the female brain. Why women make great CEOs and leaders.

You always new it, didn’t you? You knew that you’r more powerful, smarter and capable than you tend to think. And you were right girl! And Dr. Amen, medical director of the Amen Clinics and New York Times bestselling author, has your back on this intuitive thought. In fact, he just wrote a book about it […]

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