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Monday mantra: I am willing to change.

Out of all the mantras in the world, I think this one is the most powerful one. ” I am willing to change “.  Helpful affirmations to compliment this week’s Monday mantra. I am now attracting the right people, opportunities and tools to become the person I want to be.  I am willing to do [...]

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Manifesting tips

Monday Mantra to kick off your 2014 with manifesting like a Pro

So this is the first full week after all the partying and fun of the New Year’s celebration and it’s all about: How do I make my 2014 the year to feel good, in my power, productive and outrageously happy? I love January! It’s like hitting the refresh button and starting from scratch. You can [...]

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Monday Mantra: Life supports me.

Happy Monday everyone! I was thinking about the fact that this week’s mantra will be the first mantra of 2014 so it better be a great one and one of those you can use all year long. Something to keep your mind and your energy in a place where miracles can happen every day and [...]

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Monday Goddess Mantra

Monday Mantra: I am now free to move forward in my life

It’s almost a Christmas time and we are also approaching the New Year. It’s important that we enter this holiday season with open hearts and able to see the big picture in life grounded in the energy of compassion, forgiveness and clarity of mind. Every day of your past year have been filled with interactions that [...]

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This weeks mantra: I trust myself fully

I’ am super excited to announce the Goddess Mantra Mondays. Setting my intentions using mantras and creating a sort of a theme for each week  became something I love to do and have been doing for years now. It makes the whole week and each day more exciting. Knowing that my intentions are very powerful manifesting [...]

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Simple guide to make your affirmations work for you. Try it, it works!

Wherever we are all going (in our life, in our  careers etc…) we like to get there asap. That is what living in an “instant satisfaction” era means. Patience seams to be the thing of the past. Ad that is what seams to be the problem #1 for many people. I call it “trying to [...]

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10 Powerful Affirmations to Start Creating the Life You Want

Our thoughts and words are powerful tool that can assist us to build the life that we dream of.  Unfortunately, many times we don’t use them so wisely. Is your language aligned with the vision you have for your life? In next few days pay attention to your words and common phrases you use to see if you need to make [...]

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11 Healing Affirmations for Heathy Body

I hope these affirmations will help you to re-create and affirm your health. It’s the most important thing we are responsible for in our lives. When we feel energized, healthy and full of life, we can achieve anything in life. Take the time to take care of the temple for your precious soul – YOUR BODY. I am filled [...]

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Affirmations to Feel Energized and Clear-minded

• I pursue my life’s purpose and passion. • I appreciate my self and value I bring to the world every day. • I feel energized and clear-minded. • I tap into my happiness every day in as many ways as possible. • I expect things to work out for me.  • I take action [...]

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Empowering beliefs

5 Empowering Beliefs/Affirmations to Adopt This Year

What most of the time stands in a way of us being able to manifest the results we are looking for after taking a certain action, is our underlying Limiting Belief system. Action is very important in the manifesting process but it cannot make up for a fearful mentality and wishful or chaotic thinking. “We [...]

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